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Big Vision

We focus on what matters. Our path grows more direct, our Journey shorter . . . we can achieve more than we imagined possible.”

— Lessons from The Vision and the Journey,
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Why have a Big Vision?

The Big Vision is the goal beyond the horizon. When we aim for the Big Vision, each step moves us closer, and we see the path ahead more clearly. That is why we have a Big Vision.

It helps us hone our direction, so that we focus on what matters. Our path grows more direct, our Journey shorter. We can go farther on the same effort, and achieve more than we imagined possible.

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Create a Shared New Way

When an entire community is faced with sweeping change, it is best to have the community create a shared new way together. This requires clear and disciplined coordination, but increases the calibre of success.

By working together to solve their problems, the community comes to understand more deeply what they need to innovate and why. They are also better equipped to use their innovation consistently, and fully enjoy its benefits.

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Transform to Set a Standard

As a business grows, it must one day transform to set a standard. This happens after it has grown through many cycles of change. In each cycle, its teams adapt to new needs, and so evolve separate work cultures and methods.

The business sees one day that too much of its operation is inconsistent. Its brand is not the same everywhere, its activities are inefficient and costly. The business must transform to set a standard that restores consistency and unifies aim.

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We cannot create a Better World if we keep starting over. We have to aim for the horizon, and keep going to the Visions Beyond.”

— Vanessa Alvares  (Founders IV ⁠ – ⁠ The Worldwide Hunt),
The Vision and the Journey, Prologue

Vision and Journey®

Many people try to create a better life, business or world, but do not achieve their intent. Vision and Journey® guides us to aim precisely for what matters most. It helps us focus on the problems we must solve to achieve that, and the specific results that mean success.

Our lives are full of distractions, so we tend to address what catches our attention, and not what is most important to us. Vision and Journey® provides apps and tools to remind us of all our goals, near and far. It shares expert insights and helps us stay on track to our Big Vision.