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Big Vision

he Big Vision is your compass. So keep it tuned and use it often, and it will help you stay on the path.”

— Kathleen Cruise  (Founders I ⁠ – ⁠ The Ancient Clues)

Why have a Big Vision?

The Big Vision is the goal beyond the horizon. When we aim for the Big Vision, each step moves us closer, and we see the path ahead more clearly. That is why we need a Big Vision.
It helps us hone our direction, so that we focus on what matters. Our path grows more direct, our Journey shorter. We can go farther on the same effort, and achieve more than we imagined possible.

Lesson 1:   Big Vision

Lesson 2:   The Apps


Book Chapter




Mentor Series

Each topic has a Mentor Series page
with videos and resources.
Applies to Life, Business, and World.
Lesson and Apps  (diagram & key points)
Create and Innovate  (ideal space)
Create a Dream Goal  (big windfall)
Create in a New Frontier  (discover & do)
Applies to Business and World.
Applies only to World.





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