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Big Vision:  Lesson and Apps

This is the first Mentor Notes series in the Vision and Journey Library. It walks you through the foundational steps needed to turn your dreams and ideas into a goal that you can achieve.

The Lesson 1 video uses a framework (diagram) to mentor you in the first steps. The Lesson 2 videos use a story example and the apps to show you how to start developing your ideas into an achievable concept.

Lesson 1:   Big Vision

Lesson 2:   The Apps

Mentor Notes:

Watch these Lesson videos before you watch the Mentor Notes videos.
Each video builds on the ones that came before it. So if you skip videos you may miss skills and insights.
Your mentor,

Mentor Notes  
Big Vision

Big Vision:  Lesson and Apps
Create a Long-Term Goal  (wish list)
Create an Innovative Goal  (ideal space)
Create in a New Frontier  (food garden)