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to Live the Vision ®
the Journey must continue ®

Can you imagine a Better Life, Business or World?

Do you know how to get there?

When you strive to create something better, you are aiming for something you have not done before. If you do what is familiar, you will just repeat the old results. You need a new method that helps you create and achieve what matters most.

What We Offer

We at Vision and Journey® are experts at achieving initiatives that take you into new frontiers. Our methods and apps guide you to see your path more clearly, and achieve the results that matter most to you.

Using our tools and resources, you can aim for a new direction and move forward with confidence. As you do, your horizon will evolve from a distant blur to a clear vision, with details you know you can someday achieve.

We have walked the path to a dream for others or ourselves many times, and often achieved what was deemed impossible. In our view, it is only impossible if you do not know what steps to take.

So we are building an interactive library on this site to share our method for success. Join us, turn your dream into a Big Vision, and get started on the impossible. We will show you how to bring the horizon closer.

We show you how to create and transform as you go, so each hilltop brings you closer to the Big Vision.

Our Program

Create As You Go

Everyone learns and works differently, so we provide a variety of content and apps to guide you. Start where you are comfortable — with Story, Lesson or Tools. As you explore, you will find what works best for you.

BIG VISION — Begin with the Big Vision. This is your compass. It points to what matters most, uncovers the problems to solve along the way, and clarifies which Vision will solve each problem.

VISION — Next is Vision 1, your first goal. You must pinpoint Intent, Structure, Product and Flow, for this is what you are creating. Define it precisely, and you make it simple to achieve.

JOURNEY — Now set a series of Visions that aim for the Big Vision. This is your Journey. Does it build in stages, or go all over? The more direct your Journey, the shorter the path to the Big Vision.

NEXT STEPS — The Vision and Journey® series has over 30 modules, each navigating a challenging leg of the Journey. We plan to release all of the modules over time, starting with Big Vision, Vision and Journey.

With Vision and Journey®, you do not need to see the whole picture now. You aim for what you can see and do, and build skills as you go, so that someday you can achieve the dreams that may seem impossible today.

The Map of the Journey from Dream to Hilltop Three.

Library Notice

Vision and Journey® is the Library for a 10 module system of apps and interactive content that guide you to create a better life, business or world. The method was designed and perfected years ago, and is now being turned into a digital system.

We hope to add several modules each year. Our mission is to keep the Library affordable to support others and our own Big Vision of creating a Better World.

Your Vision

Once you know how to see the path, you just keep going until the Journey arrives at the Big Vision.

Unique Goals

Your goal may be small, such as optimizing a task, or it may be an ambitious and long-term Big Vision. The Vision and Journey® method, apps and resources apply to all of your unique goals.

Universal Capabilities

Learn as you go, and acquire highly effective skills that make it much easier to achieve your dreams, and that apply universally to all initiatives you may take on in Life, Business and the World.