Create your
Vision and Journey®


to a Better Life, Business or World


Create your
Vision and Journey®


to a Better Life, Business or World


Create your
Vision and Journey®


to a Better Life, Business or World

Mentoring Videos, Apps and a Story Book

help you to transform and achieve your Big Vision

We are senior consultants who have helped many clients transform their lives, businesses, or world and achieve their ideal results. We know how to help you develop the skills and learn the expert methods that will help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Our Mentoring Videos 

start at the beginning and walk you through the steps to take. We explain the what, why, when and how, plus provide illustrations and examples that are easy to follow. Our mentoring videos deliver each lesson in bite-sized pieces, at an easy pace that you can follow.

You can learn, explore, and gain experience and skills by following along and filling in the Apps with ideas about your own dreams and goals.

Our Apps  

are web apps – you can use them on laptop, tablet or phone, or all 3 at once. They are designed to help you create realistic concepts that you can carry out. They help you develop your ideas, prompt you for more ideas, and help you stay focused on your path and end goal.

The “Work Tool” app helps you create, the “Check List” app helps you recall practical considerations, and the “Score Card” app helps you check your progress and improve your likelihood for success. You can save your app entries to PDF, and keep a record of your ideas and revisions.

vision and journey apps vision and journey apps vision and journey apps
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Our Book  

is a fiction novel that illustrates the human experience of transforming your life, business or world. Follow the story characters, whose experiences are much like your own – they dream, have doubts, and overcome obstacles as they strive to achieve their goals.

Step into their shoes and experience how they face their challenges, find their solutions, and arrive at their successes. Use the “Highlights On/Off” button in the story excerpts to see the lessons in the story.

Watch the Demo videos to see how the story characters use the apps to develop an achievable Big Vision.

How to Use Our Library 

The Vision and Journey Library is organized into Hubs that focus on critical skills and gather the videos, apps, and resources that help you develop and apply those skills to your goals. The first Hub is Big Vision it gets you started with foundational methods for creating achievable goals, then quickly moves on to mentor practical application to life and business.

Vision and Journey is a new mentoring library. We will be adding more Hubs as we grow. Each will be similar to the Library Hub for Big Vision.

Membership Plans

make it easy to learn and move forward

Our “Big Vision” plan gets you started. It helps you create a big picture of how you can achieve your goals. It guides you to pinpoint your direction, develop a longer focus, and set a path through smaller goals that each move you closer to your end goal.

Big Vision
Create Your Big Vision

CAD $14/ month

Big Vision
Create Your Big Vision

CAD $14/ month

1 seat at
$14 monthly or $140 annually

This economical plan gets you started. For just 50 cents per day, you can create your Big Vision and stay on the path to your goals.

The Big Vision plan includes:

Mentoring Videos

Apps (set of 3), App PDFs

Book Chapter (Big Vision)

Examples, Illustrations

Big Vision Library Hub

Big Vision Mentor Notes

Save over 32% (before coupons!) on Group Plans of 2 seats or more. Assign seats as needed to your family, business, community or organization.

Questions and Answers

You need the “Big Vision” set of 3 Apps to turn your dream into a picture you can achieve. Each App after that will help you make that picture more achievable.

We constantly develop more Videos, Apps and resources. Our priority is to help people get their Big Vision underway. After that, we will add the Vision module with its Videos and Apps.

Each App enables you to save your ideas to a PDF. You can keep your latest ideas in the App, and store PDFs of your drafts. We recommend you keep printed copies as well.

Each membership plan stores ideas for one project. However, there is plenty of room in each App to add extra notes, but  all of the info will download as one PDF.

We store only the personal information needed to maintain your account. This includes: name, email, subscription, and renewal date.

Credit card information is processed and stored by a third party system. We do not keep any credit card information in our system.

We DO NOT sell or share data. We review overall member data ourselves to see where we can improve our mentoring Videos and Apps.

We use external specialists in enterprise systems and security to manage and protect Vision and Journey systems and data.

You may receive a refund up to 14 days after purchase provided your membership did not have a Free Trial period and was not a Gift Membership. For more details, see how to request a refund.

Come Join Us!

Get your family, business or community started on their Big Visions with our Library Group Plans.

Register now as a Vision and Journey Library member, and get started on creating your Big Vision!

Give the gift of a Vision and Journey Library membership to a family member, friend or colleague.

* Purchase a Gift: You pay for one month, your gift recipient has the option to renew after that.


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