Affiliate Promoters

affiliate-promoters-programOur Affiliate Promoters Program rewards you when people you refer to the Vision and Journey® Library buy a membership plan.

Our Program is ideal for: (1) people who want to earn some rewards, (2) professional promoters and network marketers looking to build recurring income, and (3) people looking for innovative ways to fund small non-profits, community and causes.

Affiliate Promoters Rewards:

Structure & Amount

Reward Structure

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet We track your Customer referral link for 90 days 

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Your referred Customer relationship lasts for 3 years

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet If Customer becomes an Affiliate, you are the Parent

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Parent and Sub-Affiliate relationship does not expire

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Affiliate Tiers and Rewards diagram

Reward Amounts

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet 20% for Tier 1  |  7% for Tier 2  |  3% for Tier 3

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Reward is based on memberships paid after coupons

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Reward is paid for membership renewals for 3 years

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Rewards add up with no expiry until you earn a payout

Affiliate Promoters Rewards:

Payouts & Strategy

Reward Payout

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Rewards monthly, paid at end of following month

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Schedule allows for refunds before payout

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet To be paid, need $50 earned + 3 active customers

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet You can choose payout via Paypal or Wise

Basic Reward Strategy

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Use our mentoring and apps to grow your skills

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Make progress towards your dreams or goals

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Share your story with your network or the world

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Share your Referral Link or Referral Coupon

Affiliate Promoters Program:

Special Features & Basic Rules

Special Features

Give your Referral Link your own memorable tag

Earn your own Referral Coupon with the same tag

Non-profits and causes get a Referral Coupon

Referral Coupon code acts like a Referral link

Basic Rules

Only Members can be Affiliate Promoters . . .

So referrals are by users of Vision and Journey® Services

Coaches/teachers may use with clients/students

Affiliates must adhere to the Code of Conduct

How Affiliate Promoters Can

Fund a Worthy Cause


Recommended Set Up

Register your Cause as a Vision and Journey® Member and Affiliate Promoter

Contact Vision and Journey® Support to get your unique Referral Coupon

Share the Referral Coupon with Supporters of your Cause

Use our mentoring sessions to enhance your Big Vision

Samples of Approved Images for 

Web, Social Media, Email Promotion

 alt=          affiliate-promoters-program-ad-image
affiliate-promoters-program-ad-image                          affiliate-promoters-program-ad-image


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