Our Big Vision

Our Journey began long ago when we set out on the path to  an “impossible” Vision. We not only solved the “impossible” but went on to achieve many daunting goals, with results far beyond what we dreamed of at the start.

Along the way, we met people who were struggling to achieve their own Visions. They asked what we did to succeed, but the answer was “many little things” — too many little things to explain. It is easier to show you the way.

So we are creating a Library of mentoring Videos, Apps, a Story Book and other resources. We are designing everything so that it applies to any Vision, and can help you achieve many goals and dreams.

Our system was perfected over decades, and is comprehensive and universal. It will take years to publish it all. But one day, it might help us all create a Better World!

That is our Big Vision. And so, this is our Journey.

f you cannot see the path, follow the Flow from Vision to Vision. And the path will emerge beneath your feet.”

— Amalia Cheung  (Founders I ⁠ – ⁠ The Better World)

Vision and Journey® Library

The Vision and Journey® Library offers you a system of videos, apps, and a story book (with fictional characters) that helps you learn while you design, execute and achieve your goals.

Mentoring is delivered via video by a transformation expert, who walks you through how to apply each step to your own goals. The videos are short, and focused on only a few steps at a time, so that you can reflect on the lesson and carry out the new steps before the next video.

The Vision and Journey® method helps you build the skills needed to achieve your goals while you are working on those goals. It applies especially well to goals where you must explore, innovate and evolve to succeed.

To learn more about how we mentor, view our Demo videos. To find out about Library membership, see our Library Plans.

To Create a Better World

In our view, a “Better World” is a humanistic societal ecosystem in which everyone has a true opportunity to build a good life, develop their unique capabilities, and achieve fulfillment. This can only happen by design, and can only continue if deliberately nurtured, guarded and maintained.

In a Better World, those at the forefront of improvement build bridges for those that follow later in the Journey so that no one is left behind. Only in this way can we achieve new horizons for humanity while maintaining a stable, cohesive and rich society.

Can we create a Better World? That is a BIG Vision, but it is entirely possible. We have already built a world. We just need this time to build and maintain the right design — one that results in a Better Life for all.

We have some inspiration on what that looks like, and we know from experience what we must do to create it.

Just like in our Book, it would require a collaboration of people from diverse walks of life. We would all have to coordinate precisely, stay on track to what matters most, and make sure we can go the distance over several generations.


If we do that, then someday — just like in our Book — some of us in a future generation will get to the Last Hilltop on the Journey, and there before us will be our Big Vision.

Until then, there is much to learn and many, many steps to take. So let us gather, and get started!


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