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Our Journey to the Big Vision began long ago when we set out on the path to an “impossible” Vision. Since then, we have overcome countless obstacles, achieved many Visions, and attained results far beyond what we dreamed at the start.
Along the way, we met many people who could not achieve their Big Vision. They asked what we were doing that was different, but the answer was “a thousand little things” — not so easy to explain. It is easier to show you the way.
So we started this site to do just that. We have so many tools for the Journey that it will take years to publish it all. But one day someone might use what we pass on to achieve the Big Vision of a Better World. 
That is our Big Vision. And so this is our Journey.
“If you cannot see the path, follow the Flow from Vision to Vision. And the path will emerge beneath your feet.”


Our Company


Vision and Journey International is the training arm of a business transformation practice that uses the Vision and Journey™ method.

Our Leaders

Company leaders have guided clients in personal and professional transformation, and in executing large transformation initiatives that impact organizations, technology, the economy and society. 

They have advanced expertise in performance optimization, business engineering, transformation, operational change, and project management.

Universal Methodology

Why do we combine Life, Business and the World?

In the 1990’s, we discovered that clients were applying our training and method equally to their personal lives, careers, businesses, and government initiatives.

We heard many stories of innovative use and outstanding achievements. We realized we had developed a universal method, and people were naturally applying it to everything around them.

That is why our stories combine examples of how to create a better Life, Business or World. These different aspects of our lives impact each other. When we view them using the same method, we magnify our results.

Our Founder

Author and Creator

The author and creator of the Vision and Journey series, Angela M. Remedios, began developing the method in childhood to overcome a disability. She has since guided many clients to dare the “impossible” and achieve outstanding results.

“A ‘Better World’ is a balanced societal ecosystem in which everyone has the opportunity to achieve a good life and fulfillment. This can only happen by design, and can only continue if rigorously maintained.”

“In a Better World, those at the forefront of change build bridges for those that follow later in the Journey to ensure that no one is left behind. Only in this way can we maintain a cohesive society.”

“Can we create a Better World? That is a BIG Vision, but entirely possible. We already know many of the steps needed to build a world — we just need to aim our efforts this time at a design that enables a better one.”

“If we do that, then someday we will get to the Last Hilltop on the Journey, and there before us will be the Big Vision. Until then, there are many steps to take. So let us get started.”

— Angela M. Remedios