Library Plans

The Vision and Journey® Library offers membership plans for you, your family, business or organization.

Plans include the Big Vision module and many other features. Group Plans have 2 or more seats. You can add or reassign seats as needed.

Features in the Big Vision Plan

Mentoring Videos for Big Vision

Apps (set of 3) and App PDFs

Book Chapter (Big Vision)

Story Examples and Illustrations

Big Vision Library Hub

Big Vision Mentor Notes

Other Resources

Use a Group Plan to:

Create a Big Vision for each of your major goals

Create a family Big Vision for a home project

Have employees create a Big Vision for their work

Help your team align with a common Big Vision

Have your leaders create a new Big Vision for all

Donate seats to a cause that helps people set goals

Donate seats to a school or educational program

Video & Live Mentoring

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Mentoring Sessions (live)

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Q & A Sessions (live)

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Mentoring Videos for Big Vision

Illustrations & Resources

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Book Chapter (for Big Vision)

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Story Examples and Illustrations

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Big Vision Library Hub and resources

Personal & Family Use

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Create a Big Vision for each of your Life goals 

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Create a shared Big Vision for a family project

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Donate seats to causes in your community

Business & Organization Use

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Have staff create a Big Vision for their work

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Help your team align with the new Big Vision

affiliate-promoters-program-bullet Create a Big Vision to transform over time

Library Plans for

You or your Group or Business

Big Vision
1 Seat

 CAD $ 14 /month

Big Vision
1 Seat

 CAD $ 14 /month

1 seat at
$14 monthly or $140 annually

This economical plan gets you started. For just 50 cents per day, you can create your Big Vision and stay on the path to your goals.

Big Vision
2 to 10 Seats

fromCAD $ 26 /month

Big Vision
2 to 5 Seats

fromCAD $ 26 /month

2 seats | each seat added is
$13 monthly or $130 annually

This plan is ideal for your family or team. You can each create a Big Vision and move together towards your goals. Save over 26% per seat!

Big Vision
11 or more Seats

fromCAD $ 132 /month

Big Vision
11 or more Seats

fromCAD $ 132 /month

11 seats | each seat added is
$12 monthly or $120 annually

Use this plan to build your team or small business. Develop new skills and insights while perfecting your ideas. Save over 32% per seat!

You may receive a refund up to 14 days after purchase provided your membership did not have a Free Trial period and was not a Gift Membership, and you have adhered to our Terms of Use. See how to request a refund.

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