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Why have a Big Vision?

by | Dec 31, 2020 | 00 Big Vision

The Big Vision is the goal beyond the horizon. When we aim for the Big Vision, each step moves us closer, and we see the path ahead more clearly. That is why we have a Big Vision.

It helps us hone our direction, so that we focus on what matters. Our path grows more direct, our Journey shorter. We can go farther on the same effort, and achieve more than we imagined possible.

For Example


In our lives, we face this every day. We tend to address what is in front of us, demanding attention, and forget the dreams that are quietly waiting in line. Unless we remind ourselves regularly about what matters most, we can easily forget to pursue it.

So our lives race between many activities that consume our time and efforts, but do not move us closer to our dreams. If we had to focus on only a few activities, would we let go of our dreams or find a way to stay focused, despite the distractions?

Why Have a Big Vision?

Let us pause, relax with a favourite drink or snack, or in a favourite chair, and reflect for a moment on what matters to us. At the end of our lives, do we want to nod, smile and feel satisfied? And if so, what would we need to have done to feel that?

Now reflect on a few key questions —

1  Dream    Do we have a dream we have not fully pursued?

2  Matters    If so, what about that dream truly matters to us?

3  Big Vision    Can what matters become a Big Vision for our life?

4  Problems    If so, what problems would the Big Vision solve for us?

It helps to stay focused on what matters and the problems to solve, and not try to  create a detailed picture. Our picture will evolve and become clearer as we move forward over time. It does not need to be clear right away.

As we reflect, we think about our life. And ask: how often do we reflect on our dreams, what matters to us, and how to work that into a big picture for our life, business or  world? Is it enough to bring it about?

We will walk just as far in our lifetime — whether we are on the path to our dream or just wandering. So if we aim for what matters, and make sure small decisions stay on track, we have a good chance of attaining what makes us happier.

That is why we have a Big Vision, and make it a regular part of our life — like our daily cup of coffee or tea. Because we do not need big efforts to achieve the things that matter most. We just need to aim for a Big Vision, and keep going.

Work Tool

The Work Tool app for Big Vision will help you focus on what matters. It asks you to describe your Dream, what about it matters most, and what that looks like in a Big Vision for your Life, Business or World. Getting this right is key to achieving your Dream.

As you use the Work Tool, it will prompt you to rethink your Dream and Big Vision. This is good. Below the surface, your Dream and Big Vision are complex because they connect to every aspect of your life. So pieces of the picture will take time to rise to the surface.



Start by becoming familiar with the Work Tool. Find a time and place where you can relax and reflect without distraction on your thoughts. You do not need a lot of time. Even a few minutes is enough. Scroll through the Work Tool and explore.

Then focus on section 1 Clarify. Think of a Dream or Big Vision you may have. What  about it matters to you? What problems will it solve for you? Jot down notes, filling in ONLY what comes to you without effort. Then reflect.

Save your responses by clicking “Submit” at the bottom of the tool. Click on “Download PDF” to save a record. Update the Work Tool as often as you want, and fill in ideas as they emerge. DO NOT analyze, plan, budget, calculate, or stress.

TIPS for Tasks

This task is mentoring you to transition and refocus on what matters to you. Your thoughts, energy, organization, and aim must all change direction — this takes time. Relaxing and removing any pressures will help you do this.

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