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Grow While Working As One

by | Feb 11, 2021 | 00 Big Vision

The challenge for an expanding family, team, business or community is to grow while working as one. As the group we are part of expands, we tend to focus in on our individual goals, and lose track of other people.

To avoid this, we need common goals that help us stay aligned and give us reason to stay in touch with each other. We can achieve this by defining what matters to our group Big Vision in a way that matters to everyone.

For Example


We are part of a social group that originally came together because we believed in the same things. But as new people join, they add new interests and distractions. Now the purpose of our group is weakening. How can we refocus everyone on the original purpose?


In recent months, our business has increased staffing by 5 times to meet increased demand. The new staff are all expert, and are driving hard to meet deadlines. But we notice they are starting to head in different directions, and are no longer aiming for the Big Vision.

You need to refocus the team on the Big Vision, without disrupting their ability to achieve their assigned goals. Where is the best place to start?

Grow While Working As One


The following steps apply equally to both our social group and our business. For ease of discussion, let’s refer to both as “the teams”.

1  Big Vision   Everyone sees the same Big Vision

To enable the teams to grow while working as one, we need to have all of them take part in identifying together what matters to the Big Vision of the group or business. We present the picture of the Big Vision, then clarify with the teams what it means.

2  Matters   All teams must aim for what matters most

From that foundation, everyone can now look for common ground. To start, each team outlines what they must do to achieve what matters most to the group or business. We discuss and clarify this until everyone is aiming for the same goal.

3  Problems   All priority Problems achieve part of the Big Vision

Once that is clear, each team identifies 2 to 3 priority Problems of their own that they  must solve to achieve their part in the Big Vision. Each team must set these Problems to Solve as their own highest priority. If they do not do this, they will go off-course.

We have now aligned the teams to each other and to the Big Vision. Now, when the teams aim for what matters to them, they will be aiming for what matters to the group or business. Each team can grow on its own path, while working as one with the rest.

Check List

Check List section 1 Check starts with 3 questions under “Check What Matters”. You can answer “Yes” to all 3 questions when you have carried out the steps above, and can confirm that each team is aiming for what matters to the Big Vision.

Check List section 2 Refine also asks you if you “Can see the way to the Vision?” You can confirm that you see all or most of the way after each team has confirmed its 2 to 3 priority goals that achieve the Big Vision.

Task To Do   |  WEEK 6


Think of a social group who share common interests or beliefs, but have drifted apart. Apply the above steps to clarify a common Big Vision, then have each person set 2 top goals that help and enable them to grow while working as one with the Big Vision.


Think of a situation where teams have lost alignment on a common mandate. Use email, conference or shared documents to clarify the Big Vision. Then have each team set 2 top goals they must achieve to grow while working as one with the Big Vision.

TIPS for Tasks

The key to this task is to have everyone search together for a perspective they can all share, from which they can all see the same Big Vision. Often, people do not agree because they only see what affects the success of their specific goal.

For business teams, avoid assigning goals that conflict or compete with each other. Competition may make people push harder, but the Journey to the Big Vision is not usually a race where one can win while the rest lose. To succeed, you need everyone to win.

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