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Aim for What Can Be Solved

by | Feb 4, 2021 | 00 Big Vision

When our Big Vision involves unexpected, comprehensive change, we aim first for what can be solved — rather than for the full list of changes. This helps us refocus quickly and set a new path forward that we can rely upon.

Once we can see a possible path, we can more easily see how we might resolve the remaining list of changes as well. This approach helps us by clearing aside easier changes, so we can focus more effectively on the challenging ones.

For Example


Our job has involved in-person work with the same team for years — work we very much enjoy. Suddenly, we are assigned to a new team and must work remotely. Everything we loved most about the work is gone, including our office and work friends.

The work has changed so much that we decide to move on. After looking for alternative work, we consider making a transition to related or even completely new career paths. This may involve getting more training or going back to school.


Finally we decide to go into private practice. Our expertise is extensive, but other people have always handled the operational tasks. Quickly, it becomes apparent that starting up a new enterprise involves a lot of tasks that we have never done before.

We feel overwhelmed and a bit worried. It is important to get on track fast, establish the new initiative, keep income flowing, and achieve a routine and new way of working that we can enjoy. But the new tasks keep piling up fast — what should we do first?

Aim for What Can be Solved

First, let us pause and look at our Big Vision from a bird’s eye view. In order to get back on track, it is essential to see where we are and where we went off-course. We will need to backtrack because we missed too much that was critical.

We started on the Journey to a Big Vision that was not at all clear, so we may be off course. As well, we started working on Vision 1 without knowing its goals, and so we are unprepared for the path ahead.

To rectify all this, we must:


1  Big Vision   Clarify the Big Vision by confirming what it must solve

2  Matters   Aim for what matters most (or risk becoming unhappy again)

3  Journey   Make sure Vision 1 sets up Vision 2 and the path beyond

As part of Vision 1, we must begin addressing the problems we are able to solve, and begin looking for alternate ways to address those we are not able to solve. It is okay to leave some of the problems we can solve for Vision 2 or the path ahead.

Alternate ways to address our problems may involve innovating to bypass a problem, getting experts to help, and scaling back until the problem no longer exists. It is not okay to ignore a problem or to try to power through it. That will not achieve our results.

The above steps help course-correct the Journey and aim for what can be solved. As a result, we are more likely to find new work or build a new enterprise that makes our work enjoyable again.

Check List

Check List section 1 Check lists the Problems to Solve that you defined in your Work Tool. It prompts you to think about whether you can solve a problem, and suggests courses of action if you cannot solve a problem.

Check List section 2 Refine looks deeper into your Journey through Visions 1, 2 and 3 to the Big Vision. It prompts you to look at what each Vision is trying to accomplish, and at your capabilities for completing each Vision.

Task To Do  |  WEEK 5


Think of a scenario where you have experienced an unexpected change in your work and need to redirect your work or career. Create a Big Vision for this scenario by filling in the Work Tool and Check List apps.


Think of a more complex scenario where you decide instead to take on a start-up enterprise, such as a professional practice or small business. Create a Big Vision for this scenario by filling in the Work Tool and Check List apps. 

TIPS for Tasks

For both tasks above, adjust or scale back your Big Vision until it consists only of Problems you know can be solved by you or by those helping you. You have now refined your Big Vision so it has a better chance of achieving success.

Throughout the Check List you will see questions with Yes|No answers – there are 10 in total. They help you self-assess your Big Vision. Use them to help you dig deeper, and find where you might give the picture more thought.

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