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Create a Big Vision by Evolving

by | Jan 7, 2021 | 00 Big Vision

We create a Big Vision by evolving our picture of it over time. That picture should never be static. So when we are far away from it, we may only see a haze. But as we move closer, the haze should resolve, and reveal more details.

Most of the time, we know some things about our Big Vision — like problems we want it to solve, and how that leads to the better life, business or world in our dreams. Those ideas must be very clear to enable us to succeed.

For Example


Say our life is approaching a crossroads, and we are looking for a new interest to pursue. We have been gathering information, talking to friends and family, and have a lot of ideas. But nothing has yet taken shape, and we could go in any of several directions.

We need to decide what matters most, but are not clear about what that is, or what to do to figure that out. There is a lot to think about — what does the new interest involve? Does it take a lot of effort to get going? Where does it go in future? And so on.


Our crossroads may involve a career change. We feel it is time to move on, but have not settled on a direction. We need to weigh priorities — what matters most? Upward mobility or doing what we love? Maintaining income or learning new work skills? And so on.

Create a Big Vision by Evolving

We begin to create our new direction by reflecting on our needs within. Rather than settling on a picture of our goal, we look first at what we want our picture to do for us. Must it earn an income? Or use a talent we have? Or bring us joy?

These questions are our Problems to Solve, and we use them to help us find our new direction. We create a Big Vision by evolving a picture of what it looks like when the Problems are solved. As we reflect and understand better what we need, the picture will change.

So we have a few simple steps —


1  Matters   Decide what we most need our picture to do for us,

2  Problems   Decide on the problems it must solve to succeed,

3  Big Vision   Sketch what it will look like when all are solved.


Then we just reflect, and help the full picture to emerge. We DO NOT try to solve anything now because our picture still has many gaps. We need to develop better clarity of direction first. Otherwise, we will waste energy and resources on the wrong goals.

Does that mean we wait until our Big Vision is clear? No, we must move forward to see our Big Vision more clearly. At present, we think certain things matter most to us. Are we certain? What might we have forgotten? We must explore to confirm our decisions.

So our focus at this time is to clarify: (1) what matters, and (2) what Problems must we solve to achieve this. These questions set our compass and direction. We can add details later — when we are aiming more accurately for what matters to us.

Work Tool

Work Tool section 1 Clarify opens with a sketch of Your Dream and Big Vision, and what matters most, then asks what problems you must solve to succeed. Begin by focusing on your Problems to Solve. Those ideas will help you clarify your Dream and Big Vision.

Do not use the Work Tool as a form, but as a tool to prompt and evolve your ideas. Describe each problem with few words — hone in on the core issue, and not its features. Reflect more on what makes it important to your picture, and less on a description of the problem.

Task To Do  |  WEEK 1


Using the example above, reflect on and evolve a new direction for your interests. Jot down what matters, and hone in on what matters most. Think about what Problems you want to solve — as you do, it may change what you think matters.


Reflect on and evolve a new direction for your work or career. Do the same as the Level 1 task, but broaden the Problems to Solve. This direction affects your whole life. So you need to look much farther ahead to see a Big Vision that could still be decades away.

TIPS for Tasks

Make sure you are relaxed when doing either task. DO NOT analyze or plan. Use the Work Tool to prompt your creative thinking. Let your ideas bubble up, and make notes as they do. Think about values, consequences. Reflect on the picture as it emerges.

During the week, you may find ideas bubbling to the surface that you have forgotten. This is exactly what you want, as it helps you see what truly matters to you, and what is important to you to solve. You need this clarity to aim accurately for your Big Vision.

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