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Aim for Specific Results

by | Jan 28, 2021 | 00 Big Vision

When we focus on our Big Vision, we aim for specific results, and we do not target all parts of the picture equally. This sharpens our focus on priorities, reduces the work we must do, and gets us to critical results faster.

So what specific results should we aim for? We focus on those that solve the most important problems, or that make it possible for us to achieve what matters most rather than something of lesser import.

For Example


Let us walk through a simple example that is quite common today:  We need to set up our work-from-home arrangements, and be able to concentrate on a major project by Monday.

We have never worked from home before, do not have a work set-up or spare room, and are lacking the right equipment. Our physical materials or tools cannot be arranged the way we are used to — and as a result, we keep losing things.

Our home does not have the professional ambience of our work location, and so it is harder to concentrate. There are also other distractions we are not used to, and we miss the workplace routines that gave structure to our day, and kept us on schedule.

Aim for Specific Results

We have a lot of Problems to Solve, but we must be ready by Monday, so it is more important for us to solve some Problems than others.

1  Problems   Which Problems should we aim to solve first?

Which are essential for Monday? Solving some Problems may depend on us solving others first. Do they clear a path? Help us focus? Will solving them lay a foundation? We should aim for those first.

1  Results   What Specific Results can we recognize and aim for?

We must solve enough Problems to be able to concentrate — which is one Specific Result. Do we need to set up equipment? Or organize documents to be efficient and feel settled — more Specific Results.

1  Confirm   How will we know we have achieved them?

When we are done, we must confirm that we achieved our results — to a standard that truly solves our Problems. There are several ways to do that:  measure, evaluate, compare or experience them.

Now all of these efforts are not about planning or doing or proving what we did. They are about aiming precisely, and then confirming that our aim was true, and seeing how to improve our aim for the next time.

So now that we can aim for Specific Results, the priority of our Problems becomes clearer to us. We can assign them to Visions 1, 2, 3, or Beyond, and then focus our efforts more effectively on just Vision 1.

Why Specific Results?

A Big Vision is an ideal picture that addresses existing problems — often a long list. We have options on how we can solve those problems, but as we solve each one we reduce our options for solving the rest. It is better to address the critical problems first.

To do that, we dig deeper and decide what is essential, and what about it we must solve early on. As well, we imagine what “solved” looks like — so we can see exactly what to do to  achieve it, and can later confirm that we have succeeded.

Check List

Work Tool section 1 Clarify asks you for the priority of each Problem, which Vision you might assign it to, what “solved” looks like. In section 2 Aim, it asks you to describe the results of each Vision. You just need brief notes, but try to be specific about results.

Explore the Check List, both sections 1 Check and 2 Refine. The purpose of this app is to prompt more ideas by having you reconsider your ideas so far. At the end of section 2 Refine, the Check List asks how you will know you have achieved what matters.

Task To Do  |  WEEK 4


Using the example of a work-from-home space that meets external requirements, scroll through the Work Tool and Check List apps. Fill in first what easily comes to mind, then take your time and revisit your ideas. Fill in gaps, particularly in the Work Tool app.

TIPS for Tasks

As you reflect on your ideas, you may find that your Visions and Big Vision change. What appeared to matter most or the Problems to Solve may change. You may redefine the Visions, hone in on specific results, or modify results so they can be confirmed.

Let the apps guide you. They are designed to help you create iteratively (in cycles) and to prompt your ideas. Remember to relax, let your ideas bubble to the surface, and reflect on the specific results you need to achieve for now.

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