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Create a Big Vision that Is Small

by | Jan 21, 2021 | 00 Big Vision

We can create a Big Vision that is small. It is not always a goal that is huge or far in the future. It may be a task that needs just days to do, but that we have not been able to do for months or years. In effect, this is the same as being far away.

It may be that our small task is quite complicated. Perhaps it needs us to make many decisions. Or we may need to see a larger picture before we can see its smaller pieces. If we create a Big Vision that is small, it can help us to keep our task simple.

For Example


Consider a common task that we all share — organizing and making space in our closet, storage room, workshop, Home office, workplace office, or a space where we put things we need to find quickly. This small task can actually be quite a complex project.

It may need a block of time we cannot easily arrange, or may involve a lot of decisions we have not yet thought out, or other reasons. We can use the Big Vision to break down our small task into simple steps, so that each is easier to see and do.


Apply the Big Vision to organize a space (at home or work) where you must apply policies, procedures or standards belonging to an employer or regulator to both the layout and use of your space. Adhering to external rules adds complexity and raises the skill level required.

Create a Big Vision that Is Small

The series of Visions leading to our Big Vision might look like this:


1  History   We know what matters and our Problems to Solve

What matters most is to find items fast, what matters is to find related items, problems involve how to group items.

2  Vision 1   We rearrange our stuff into possible new groups

Our groups keep changing, but we let our ideas rise to the surface. The changes stop as the groups become clear.

3  Vision 2   Now that we see each group, we can keep or toss our stuff

We create groups for “undecided” and “to be tossed”, and assign “undecided” to Visions Beyond. We have finished sorting.

4  Vision 3   We reorganize our “keep” groups, and discard “to be tossed”

Most of our small task is done! We have solved our Problems and have what matters most — we love our space again!

5  Visions Beyond   We sort “undecided” into groups, and get them done

Or, if we run out of time, we stuff them into a smaller space. Later, we can create a Big Vision that is small, and finish them then.

6  Big Vision in days   Our space is amazing! We feel so good!

We look back over our Vision. Each Vision focused on only some of the problems, but all aimed for what matters most.

With all that clogged space now flowing smoothly, we find many new ideas bubbling to the surface. And now we have lots of space to fit them in.

Work Tool

Here are some ways the Work Tool can help a Big Vision for a small task –

1   Assign  each group to a Problem, and note what “solved” looks like

2   Name  each Problem for what it “solves”  (e.g. “group Tools by task”)

3   Sort  “undecided” into a few Visions Beyond, and do them one by one

Scroll or jump to section 2 Aim and look at Vision 1. It lists the Problems to Solve in Vision 1. Is this what you want? If not, you can adjust it in your Problems to Solve.

Task To Do  |  WEEK 3


Emulate the example above and apply the Big Vision to organize a personal space that you need. Fill in your Work Tool with what matters, your Problems to Solve, and what each Vision must achieve. One of your Problems to Solve might be how to group your items.


Apply the Big Vision to organize a space (at home or work) where you must apply policies, procedures or standards belonging to someone else (an employer, regulator, spouse) to both the layout and use of your space. Do the rules change how you group your items?

TIPS for Tasks

This task reminds you of how a small task can be more complex than it appears, and how adding just a few constraints or rules can increase that complexity. It also shows how, by giving structure to a task, the Big Vision can make it easier to do.

When you use the Work Tool app to prepare for your task, reflect particularly on how you want to group your items. If you can, do this prior to organizing your space, when you are relaxed, are not energized by action, and are not facing time constraints.

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